Devil's Racetrack

Devils Race Track

Devil's Racetrack is an obvious rock fin on the east side of US75, between Jelico and Knoxville. If you are a climber, and you have driven by it during daylight, you will have seen it. The nearest town is Jacksboro, which has a pretty fair selection of food and supplies. The nearest camping area is Cove Lake State Park. The park is mostly an RV park, so it isn't that scenic, but it has very good facilities. Hookups and picnic tables at every site, showers, swimming pool, tennis courts, etc.

Parking access isn't the greatest for this crag. While the walk in is easy, we were warned about car break ins and vandalism. Don't leave anything of value in sight in your car, or even better, don't leave anything of value in your car at all. We didn't have any problems, but but we've only been there twice now.

The area has a variety of trad and sport climbs from 5.3-5.9 trad. And from 5.8-5.11 sport. The rock is solid for the most part, and the bolts and rap anchors seem to be well placed.


Route information

NOTE: This route guide was copied from the Knox Rocks newsletter, volume 1, issue 2. It is the work of Kenny Cambell and Rusty Deal. I don't know these guys, and have not obtained permission from them to reproduce the information. Information in the following linked page was taken verbatum from their guide sheet, any notes of mine are in italics. In my opinion, the ratings are a little on the soft side, but as always, your mileage will vary. If you know Kenny or Rusty, (or if you ARE Kenny or Rusty), feel free to get in touch with me and I will amend or remove this information if needed. Click here for route information.

Directions to the crag from the camping area:

The trash bag landmark really does seem to be the landmark local climbers use to tell when to cross the creek. No lie. The area where you cross the creek is a little wider than the rest of the creek, and has some large boulders in the creek. There is a steep eroded trail that climbs out of the creek.

UPDATE: As of April 2001, the white trashbag is no longer in the tree. There is also a no trespassing sign at the parking area by the bolders.


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