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Every cat owner has to show off pictures of their cats... So here they are: L.S. is the big grey and white one. He was our little buddy. He was exceptional. We lost him in June 2003 to cancer. Sam, the buff-colored one, is L.S.'s 'big brother'. And our new kittens are named Badger and Danika.

new kittens Here are Badger and Danika, a brother and sister we adopted in Oct 2003. This is a rare moment when they are both lying still.  
LS at Mom and Dads

Here are some pics of Sam and L.S. (pronounced 'Ellis'). Sandy adopted them both from SICSA in 1988.
LS was renowed as one of the best cats in the world, so we miss him a lot (especially Sandy).

LScoming to me
Sam bird watching Sam in the garden Sam-cat is still with us. And he is being amazingly tolerant of kittens that are 16 years younger than he is.

And now for a few pictures of us.

wedding day Our wedding day - 1991

From Andy's brother's wedding - 2003


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