The John Y. Brown Family

John Y. Brown is Sandy's great grandfather on her father's side.  Thank you Marilyn Young for supplying me with the names of the people in the photos.  The Brown family home, shown in many of these pictures, is still standing in the Cass City Michigan area.

John Brown standing in front of home
John Yuill Brown and Thressa Marie (Schemitt) Brown. 
Married September 5, 1898
Marion (Brown) Guinther, sons Harold, Lyle Patty O'Dell, Thressa Brown
Thressa Brown, Patty O'Dell, Emerson Brown
(starting at back left)
Charlie Brown, John N Guinther, Lyle, Marion (Brown) Guinther, Emerson Brown.
(Front Row)
Hazin Guinther, Thressa Brown, Donald Brown, Evelyn Guinther, Martha (Brown) McPhail, Marry Ellen Brown, Joyn Y. Brown, Willis Brown.
Donald Brown, Thressa Brown, Lyle Guinther, Eyvelyn Guinther, John Y. Brown, Harold Guinther Charlie Brown, Blanche ?, Patty O'Dell, Emerson Brown
David Brown,  Marian Guinther, son Hazin, Joyn Brown. David Brown, John Y. Brown, Marion "Minnie" Gilhert, Mary CcHugh, William Brown John Y. Brown, David Brown, William (Bill) Brown.
Thressa? Thressa Brown, John N. Guinther (Horse's names are as yet unknown) Willis Brown, John Y. Brown. (same horses as previous photo)
David Brown, John Guinther, Charles Brown Willis Brown Bessy, Bossy, Betty
Martha Brown McPhail Patty O'Dell, Evelyn Guinther Marian E. Brown, John Norman Guinther
Donald Brown with unknown variety of stick.