Miami Valley Bike Trails

Ohio's Miami Valley has a great rails to trails bike trail system. The main sections are the trail along the Great Miami River, Along the Little Miami River, and an "H" connector between the the previous two trails.

The trail is flat and well paved, with access to facillities in the small towns that it passes through. Here is an overview of the trail system.

  1. Milford Trailhead
  2. Milford to Loveland ~ 9.5 miles
  3. Loveland to Morrow ~13.5 miles
  4. Morrow to Corwin ~14.2 miles
  5. Corwin to Spring Valley ~ 7 miles
  6. Spring Valley to Xenia ~7.2 miles
  7. Xenia to Yellow Springs ~ 10 miles
  8. Yellow Springs to Springfield ~ 8 miles.
  9. Springfiled Trailhead
  10. Xenia to Cedarville ~ 8 miles, Xenia to South Charleston ~10 miles
  11. Xenia to Beavercreek
  12. Beavercreek to Dayton
  13. Dayton Wolfcreek trail
  14. Dayton to West Carrollton
  15. West Carrollton to South Miamisburg

Here is a link to a medium sized copy of the following map, and a large size version.