Ohio Statehouse War Memorial

The Ohio Statehouse in Columbus Ohio is home to one of the most moving war memorials I've ever seen. It is a simple pair of stone walls engraved with letters home from Ohio soldiers from wars throughout US history. The panels on the wall are in no particular chronological order. Click here for wall 2

wall-1 wall-2 wall-3
wall-4 wall-5 wall-6
wall-7 wall-8 wall-9
wall-10 wall-11 wall-12
wall-13 wall-14 wall-15
wall-16 wall-17 wall-18
wall-19 wall-20 wall-21
wall-22 wall-23 wall-24
wall-25 wall-26 wall-27
wall-28 wall-29 wall-30
wall-31 wall-32 wall-33
wall-34 wall-35

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