System Administration GUIs and Shells

Like all modern Unix systems, Digital Unix provides both command line and GUI interfaces to perform system administration tasks. While it is often faster to modify configuration files with "vi" or to use command line interfaces, GUI system administration tools are useful when manipulating unfamiliar areas of the system or when modifying some of the uglier and more complex areas of the system.

When using the CDE Desktop interface, these GUIs are accessible via the Applications control panel icon, and then under the Systems Administration icon below that.

If you want to run the commands from outside the CDE environment, say from a PC running X-Windows software, you run the individual applications that control specific aspects of the system configuration. (as opposed to running a single overall application such as "smit" in AIX)

Systems Admin Programs
Command Purpose Interfaces
bindconfig Controls DNS / Bind client and server configuration cli, gui, menu
diskconfig Configures disk partitions and file systems gui
dxaccounts Add, delete, and manage users and groups. gui
dxadvfs Configure AdvFS file systems gui
dxarchiver GUI interface to compress, tar, pax, and cpio gui
dxdw Runs and repeats command line commands gui
dxfileshare Controls mounting and exporting of NFS file systems gui
dxhosts Launch pad for starting programs on other hosts gui
dxkerneltuner Manages the attributes of loadable kernel subsystems. gui
dxlicenses Manages licenses for software products.
dxlsm Manages the Logical Storage Manager. (LSM) gui
dxpower Manages the power management subsystem for Energy star compliant systems. This is for power saving features, not a UPS / battery backup system interface. gui
dxpresto Displays statistics and information for Prestoserve NFS accelerator cards. gui
dxproctuner GUI equivalent to "ps". Can also be used to change process priorities, and send signals to processes. gui
dxshutdown GUI equivalent to "shutdown". Adds the ability to run additional scripts prior to shutdown. Adds extra logging and ease of use. gui
dxsysinfo Monitors performance of CPU, memory and file systems. gui
mailconfig Configures sendmail gui, cli
netconfig Configure network subsystems including interfaces, routing, gateways, hosts files, hosts.equiv, etc. gui, cli, menu
nfsconfig Configures NFS client and servers gui, cli, menu
printconfig Adds, deletes, and modifies printer configurations. gui, menu