Sandy has worked at LexisNexis/Reed-Elsevier for over 20 years. She has development experience on the Classic Lexis system (assembler, MVS) and for many years was a member of a 24x7 rapid response problem troubleshooting team supporting all LexisNexis web products (C, C++, Unix).

Since January, 2000, she has been working as the senior engineer on the production support team for Elsevier web products hosted at LexisNexis. This began as a one-person team providing 24x7 3rd level support for Science Direct (C++ on Solaris). As the team grew and Elsevier created the Scopus product, Sandy trained others and moved on to 24x7 Scopus support (Java on Solaris). Since 2005 Sandy has been the lead on a sub-team providing 2nd level support for Elsevier Dayton data fabrication processes. These are Java processes on Solaris using Oracle and a MarkLogic content repository. Support of these processes includes 24x7 oncall with regular detection, investigation, and resolution of problems. The job requires familiarity with unix systems and proficiency running sql queries and xqueries.

Sandy also works on Scopus Custom Data requests which are batch requests for Scopus data. This job includes writing and running simple java programs to extract and package data from a MarkLogic database and delivering that data to a customer via shipped media or ftp. In this job Sandy also provides routine maintenance of that MarkLogic database. Familiarity with linux and Solaris, java, shell scripting, and xquery is required.