CART People Shots

Michael Andretti Patrick Carpentier CARA Dinner, Jimmy Vasser, Max Papis, and Girlfriend at the Rahal hospitality suite
Christian Fittipaldi Gill de Ferran Gil de Ferran and family at the CART autograph session
Christiano de Matta de Matta at the CARA Dinner Chip Ganassi
Memo Gidley and my wife Sandy at the CART autograph session Michele Jourdain, CART autograph session Memo Gidley in the pits
The Fabulous Juan Montoya Roberto Moreno, chatting with an old Newman Haas teammate Mad (or is it Serious?) Max Papis
Its a bird, its a plane, its Super Fan! (a Columbian / Montoya fan) Montoya at the CART autograph session Patrick Carpentier and Alex Tagliani. Alex, how's that sandwich?
Kenny Brack and my wife Sandy, CART autograph session Stand up straight Paul! Jimmy Vasser
Kenny Brack, Juan Montoya, Paul Tracy, and Parker Johnstone.    

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