2001 SCCA Valvoline Runoffs At Mid-Ohio

The SCCA Runoffs are the Olympics of US auto racing. The best of the US's amateur road racers going at it for glory. 24 races over 3 days, each one 20 laps long. If you don't like one race, wait 50 minutes, and there will be another one The Runoffs used to be held at Road Atlanta, but moved to Mid-Ohio in 1996, and we've been to all of them since they moved.

Here are my pictures from the 2001 Runoffs.

The first race of the weekend was Touring 1. Big engined, fat tired cars like Vipers, Z06 Corvettes and 911s. And it was raining. :-) Turn 8 aka "Madness". a blind off camber turn that crests a hill. And you are driving a 450 HP Viper in the rain. Ok, Madness is a good name. The number 35 Z06 Corvette lapped the entire field. He obviously knew how to drive in the rain. The rain line at Mid-Ohio avoids the normal racing line that goes over the concrete patches at the apex of the turns.
Showroom Stock C, one of the biggest fields in the runoffs always has close exciting racing. And here is where it got exciting for the two cars in the previous picture. GT-4
Formula Continental American Sedan Two cameros trying to out brake each other into turn 7
The winner of A-Sedan. Winner of Showroom Stock B F-Production. A Fiat X/19. Yes, some of those are still running.
F Prod F Prod F Prod
F Prod F Prod F Prod
F Prod F Prod Mini Mania in the infield
The winning car for GT2, and my wife Sandy Joe Huffaker, winner GT5 GT5
GT5 H Production H Prod
H Prod H Prod H Prod
H Prod Huffaker is a name you hear a lot at the Runoffs. He won both E Production and GT5 GT2
GT2 E Production E Prod
E Prod E Prod. I wanted to get a picture of a Prelude with its inside rear wheel off the ground as it went through turn 7, so I was watching as this guy locked it up under braking to turn 7. And went off the track
So I started looking for another Prelude to take a picture of, and was watching while this Prelude locked them up under braking for turn 7 . And then also went off the track E production winner
Probably my favorite car of the weekend, an old Boss mustang in GT1. This car can't really hang with the new tube frame purpose built race cars, but it looks and sounds GREAT. Showing the colors in GT1 Another Joe Huffaker Mini shot.

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