NASCAR - Las Vegas 2000

We attended both the Saturday Busch Grand National and Sunday Winston Cup races. These pictures were all taken on Saturday, either during the BGN race or during Winston Cup happy hour. The weather on Saturday was great, but Sunday was rainy, and the race was stopped just past halfway due to the rain. We still enjoyed the race, and were happy to see Jeff "Rainman" Burton win both of them.

pass for the lead <--- Jeff Burton passes Todd Bodine for the lead in the BGN race spraug spin <--- Jack Spraug spun in front of Mark Martin three laps to go.
burton wins <--- Jeff Burton got in front of Mark Martin while Mark was busy avoiding the wreck. Burton wins!
tide car <--- Scott Pruett in the Tide car. Jeff Burton <--- Jeff Burton
Mark Martin <--- Mark Martin
Tony Stewart <--- Tony Stewart Ward Burton <--- Ward Burton

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