After arriving late and staying the night in Ouarzazat, we shopped the souks then backtracked to the large well preserved kasbah of Ait Benhaddou. Then we headed back east, along the base of the Atlas mountains. This was our longest day. The road along the atlas mountains was the Moroccan version of suburban sprawl. We ran through a steady stream of towns and cities, which kept our progress slow. We had intended to go up into the Dades Gorge, but had to bypass that in order to make it to Erfoud for the night.

Across the Atlas On to the Sahara
Sheep near Ait Benhaddou. Andy at Ait Benhaddou. Several movies have been filmed here, including Romancing the Stone, Lawrence of Arabia, and Gladiator. A closeup of the construction of the buildings in the Kasbah.
Ait Benhaddou. You get there by crossing the Oued Ounila. Children will offer to help you across. We happened to see a big dust devil when we arrived. Another shot of the Kasbah. This is our group in the Kasbah. Matt and Heidi, Andy and Sandy, Karen and Bob, Laura and her friend Ashton, Andrew and Nabil.
A souvenir shop in the kasbah A view from the kasbah Another souvenir shop in the kasbah. You can see decorative tajine dishes on the right. A tajine is a kind of stew-like dish, with meat and vegetables. We ate many tajines while in Morocco.
Boumalne du Dades. An internet cafe in Erfoud Matt plays football with local kids in Erfoud while Andy strolls into the shot. Andy bought me a beautiful Berber wrap in the shop on the corner . We also bought some very cool fossilized marble plates and bowls in this town. The fossils come from quarries that are nearby in the desert.
The view from our hotel window in Erfoud. This was a movie set we passed between Ouarzazate and Ait Benhaddou. Most cities had checkpoints at the entrances. Our lead car was pulled over for speeding at the checkpoint in Ouarzazate. This is Bob and Nabil discussing it with the authorities, as seen from our car's rear window.

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