New Mexico

In May 2000, we visited my friend Mitch Chapman in Santa Fe NM. Here are some shots I took during the trip.

My friend Mitch and my wife Sandy at the Brazos Cliffs overlook. Brazos Cliffs, seen in the back ground, are located in the town of Los Brazos, which is mostly vacation homes and hunting and fishing lodges.
The Brazos river runs past the cliffs. The brazos cliffs are nearly 2000 feet from base to summit. I have not been able to find any information about climbing on these cliffs, but it looks like some potential quality trad climbing. Another view of the cliffs.Any information about climbing at Los Brazos would be greatly appreciated!
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Mitch took us on a grand circle drive that tooks us from from Santa Fe, through Taos, along the Rio Grande and back. In a couple hundred thousand years, these will be arches. Bandolier National Monument, site of a large number of Anasazi cliff dwellings.
This box canyon was the site of a large Anasazi community. The openings you see in the cliffs are man made dwellings. This is a close up of one of the cliff home dwellings. A welcome storm was coming in while we were at Bandolier.
We were in Santa Fe during the Los Alamos wild fires. (caused by a planned burn gone wrong). While climbing we could see firefighting helocopters going to a nearby lake for refills. A view of the Rio Grande from the White Rocks rock climbing area. The Rio Grande in New Mexico is a more wild river than it is in Texas. We could see rapids and white water rafters making trips on the river. Another view of the Rio Grande.
Mitch climbing a 5.8 climb called Headwall crack left. Andy climbing the same climb Mitch on a 5.9, Headwall Crack Right. Between these two climbs there is a 5.12a face climb.
Andy leading an easy, unnamed sport route. (5.6?)

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