Baja California - City Photos

The two main cities we were in were La Paz and Loreto. La Paz is one of the larger cities in Baja. It is a pleasant city on a good harbor. It is more of a vacation destination for Mexicans than it is for foreign tourists. Loreto is a smaller more historical city a little to the north. We walked around both cities extensively in tourist areas, residential areas, and business districts.

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This is the popular "Super Taco" taco stand in downtown La Paz. It is recommended in our guide book, and does quite a big lunch business. We at ate there several times. Baja is famous for its fish tacos. We were lucky to be in La Paz during part of the annual Carnival festival. They have several nights of parades, food and drink. This is the Carnival queen and her court parading through the street . The queen and her court take there place on the stage at the start of the night.
The fireworks at the festival were fun. You could really tell you were in the US anymore... The fireworks stands were set up right in the middle of the crowd and the sparks and embers were falling into the crowd. No one seemed to mind. Yes, a Mexican side show, complete with deformed animals. Sandy wouldn't let me go in. These guys looked like they were having fun. The crowd was pretty well behaved, probably better behaved than your average street festival in the US.
This is the mission in Loreto. It is at the site of oldest mission in the peninsula, with the first mission erected here in 1799. McLuLu's in Loreto is another excellent taco stand. We didn't have any problems from the local food, though we did stick to bottled water, beer or soft drinks.

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