Baja California - February 1999

Wilderness Adventurer

Baja California is the Mexican state located on the long penninsula of land located just below the US State of California. It extends from the city of Tijuana which is just across to border from San Diego, over a thousand miles south to Cabo San Lucas. Our vacation was a small ship cruise in the Sea of Cortez (aka Gulf of California), starting and ending in the Mexican city of La Paz. Our ship, the Wilderness Adventurer, had a capacity of around 50 passengers, but we were lucky in that there were only about 25 on board for this cruise.

The weather did not cooperate with us, and the seas were fairly rough, so we ended up spending more time in port and doing day trips on land than we did at sea. But it was still a great vacation. My wife Sandy thinks I went a little overboard with the number of pictures I took... Maybe she has a point. Here is a fraction of the pictures I took.

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