Red Rocks and Valley of Fire, Nevada

Red Rocks Nevada is located just a few miles outside of Las Vegas Nevada, but seems like it is a completely different planet.  The park and surrounding mountains are one of the premier rock climbing areas in the country. Most of these pictures were these pictures were taken there in 1998.

Valley of Fire is also an impressive park. It is located about an hour and a half north east of the strip, near lake Mead. The Valley of Fire photos were taken in March 2000.

If you click on any of the photos in the contact sheet below, you will start up a slide show of larger copies of the images.  
  Click HERE for maps of Red Rocks from Vegas.

first creek canyon first creek canyon Calico Basin
first creek canyon first creek canyon loop road first pullout
first creek canyon Luxor cactus
summit of first pullout summit of first pullout horseback ride
near summit, first pullout up the road in willow springs near summit, first pullout
calico basin first creek canyon blue diamond
Big Horn Sheep More sheep yet another sheep shot

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